A place where children and young people can receive expert training in different
aspects of the music industry both as a singer / songwriter and dancer.

Freedom Factory welcomes children and young people to a place where they will be mentored and educated in understanding their value and that it’s ok to be different.

Using a holistic approach, we instil the values of being different and that it is a gift. Each individual has their own uniqueness that makes them special. Freedom Factory encourages the value of learning to accept our differences and embrace them, never apologising for who you are.

By creating a place where children and young people can receive expert training in all aspects of the music industry we can develop and nurture their abilities, backed and supported by industry professionals.

We strongly believe that children and young people of today are facing more pressure than ever with regard to body image, interaction and acceptance from sources like social media. The challenge we face is that for the most part it is new to parents and carers alike, the last ten years has seen an incredible acceleration in online sharing and body image fiction. It’s time to address the issue head on.


Over 140 people joined us to to celebrate the launch of Freedom Factory. Drinks and canapés were enjoyed by guests with performances by students from Freedom Dance and Performance and two teachers of Freedom Factory.

Stacey and Laura officially opened the business by cutting a ribbon and a specially designed cake.

The video below was aired for the first time at our launch, it gives an overview of what we do at the Freedom Factory and what you can expect as students and staff.


We are recruiting teachers and assistants to join our founding team. This is an excellent opportunity to join a growing music and performance development group at its inception. Launching in September 2017 across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, Freedom Factory are looking for experienced dancers and singers to join them as teachers and assistants.


t: 0115 993 2370
e: info@freedomfactory.co.uk


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